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Posted by : MeCoffeyJourney May 21, 2014

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A themed cafe has arrived in Klang! The first time I drove pass this cafe called Card Cafe with those slightly tinted glass, I reckon that it could be a secret underground casino. 

But then it got me thinking, no entrepreneurial mobster would be dumb enough to publicly tell the cops that there are illegal gambling activities going on in there by using the name Card Cafe, thus I decided to search for their Facebook page. It turns out to be one of the prettiest cafe in the area!

Once inside, the first thing you will notice are neat vintage-looking toys placed around the lounge. A ship model, classic phones, cameras, and a phonograph.
Vintage decorations placed around the lounge.
The front section of the cafe, including a long cement table, is beamed with ample sunlight, even plants could be placed indoors - suitable for those who prefer brighter area during daytime.

If you prefer an area which is more cozy with less lighting to enjoy your cuppa, head on deeper into the cafe, an area shone with dim yellow bulbs. Black-painted ceiling, black-tiled lounge with black metal bars help subdue the sunlight from penetrating into this area.
Ample sunlight sufficient for plants to be placed indoor.
So where are the cards??? Nicely framed up on the wall. The owner has a surprisingly huge collection of cards, including credit cards, membership cards, picture cards, cute cards-on-sticks on the tables, and the list goes on. Any other cards suggestions? Share your ideas by leaving your comments below.

A cool concept of hobby-turned-cafe. I would not be surprised if Stamp Cafe, Coin Cafe, or other collectibles emerge next. Good idea huh! :)
Cards everywhere! Shadow effect thanks to the sunlight - can you see the word Card Cafe on the wall? 
A Card Cafe special selfie secret: During daytime, the sunlight will penetrate through the tinted glass, creating a special effect - visible shadow of the words 'Card Cafe' fall right on the cards collections hanged on the wall! Time to whip out your camera kids :)

Food & Beverage:
The food menu here is mostly western, such as pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and burgers. Varieties are quite wide you will be spoilt for choice.
The Card Cafe's Platter (top left), The Card Cafe's Beef Burger (top right), Chicken Russian (bottom left), and Crispy Salmon with Potato (bottom right).
The usual coffees are available here. It then got me thinking (sidetrack a lil) - how awesome would it be for gamblers if gourmet coffee is served in the casino. Gamblers will stay alert and last longer on the poker tables, thus more profit for the casino! I should share this suggestion with Uncle Lim :P
Cappuccino (top), Mocha (middle), and Latte (bottom).
Birthday cakes and slice cakes are available here. Best seller according to the owner? Try the Hazelnut Torte.
Hazelnut Torte.
Additional info: second floor serves alcohols (beers, etc). That's when poker cards come in handy - to pass time with friends in a bar :) What is your favourite card game while sipping on some giggle juice?

An interesting concept added to the cafe scene in Klang - promoting hobby of cards collecting by showcasing them in ones cafe. Wide varieties of western dishes available too.

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Latitude: 2.997980 
Longitude: 101.442840

Wi-Fi: -

Payment: Cash only

Smoking Area: -

Main Course: Available

Vegetarian: -

Card Cafe
No. 43, Lorong Batu Nilam 21B,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
41200 Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: +6 03 3323 2487 / +6 019 268 2900 / +6 012 900 2586
Website: -

Operating Hours:
Monday               : Off day
Tuesday - Sunday : 11.00 am ~ 01.00 am

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  1. Nice blog post/. If can make the pictures bigger will be better :)

  2. Oooppss just realize. My computer have problem. Now photo is bigger ;)

    1. You might be viewing the mobile version, thus the smaller picture.

      Thanks for your support! Do share your experience by leaving a comment after visiting these cafes :)

  3. Food is good.
    Environment is cozy.
    Their song is super loud... Topically need to scream just to talk... Sorry hv to gv bad feedback.

    1. There are positive feedback and negative feedback, both are equally important to help the cafes to improve their customer's experience.

      Thus you don't have to apologize for providing valuable feedback. Thanks for your support!


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