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Posted by : MeCoffeyJourney July 08, 2014

~ Can't wait for recess ~

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During our schooling days, some of us disfavor our canteen's food, while others enjoy them. But regardless of the food, most of us take pleasure in the concept of recess periods, where students get to take short breaks from studies and hangout with friends and classmates at the canteen.
What kinda canteen is this? Read the name to find out :)
Well this canteen you are seeing is no ordinary canteen. Introducing the Awesome Canteen, located in a residential hub in PJ, in front of Taman Paramount's Giant hypermarket.
Old school canteen.
A single-storey unit, the space inside Awesome Canteen is larger than it looks from the outside. Awesome Canteen keeps it simple with old school furniture, portraying those olden days' canteen style, a very lay-back and comfortable feel to it. There are even those windows (with metal frames holding separate pieces of glasses together) used in government schools, which through our years of studies, would have saw some of those glasses broken for different reasons (hopefully not caused by you). :P
Hanging garden of Babylon.
Besides letting you relinquish your pass relaxing days as a student with their old school interior, Awesome Canteen also has a mini indoor courtyard, where the sun can penetrate through from above to shine upon the beautiful vertical garden. Needless to say, this table adjacent to the vertical garden has the best environment in this canteen, thus grab it while you can. :)
Antique furniture and decorative items.
Age test - If you don't know what's the large square thing with a screen is called (center bottom picture), you are young enough to call it a relic :O
Also, check out those antique equipment (I hope I am young enough to call these antiques :D) placed around this cafe. Bet some of you younger ones wouldn't even know how to operate one of these. :) 

Food & Beverage:
If the environment in Awesome Canteen is not awesome enough, check out this canteen's menu. Awesome Canteen introduces something new to me, the paleo diet. defines paleo diet as an effort to eat like we used to back in the day…WAY back in the day. If a caveman couldn't eat it, neither can you. This means anything we could hunt or find – meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds.

This means that paleo diet do not consist any processed food and agricultural products, even inclusive of grains and dairy products. My first paleo dish in my life is served by the Awesome Canteen. The Paleo Butterfish - grilled butterfish fillet paired with honeydew sauce, served with grilled sweet potato slices. Despite containing no processed ingredients, this dish is quite yummy. If these are what our caveman ancestors had everyday, I don't mind joining them, not to forget its a very healthy too! :)
Paleo Butterfish (top), Paleo Beef (middle), and Mushroom Swiss Cheese Melt Beef (bottom).
For those who craves for modern processed food instead, Awesome Canteen also serve those, such as gourmet burgers and sandwiches. Juicy patties made from freshly ground meat, topped with swiss chess melt and crispy fries, I would say Awesome Canteen serves the best of both worlds. :)
Latte (left), cappuccino (middle), and mocha (right).
Thank God the coffee isn't paleolithic, else we will be munching on green coffee beans to get our daily dose. :) All the usual espresso-based coffee is served here, powered by Nuova Simonelli coffee machines.
Apple banana smoothie (middle).
Wide variety of cakes, pies, and desserts are available too. I tried the homemade Chocolate Ganache, dark chocolate batter coated with white chocolate.
Chocolate Ganache.

Overall, no doubt this is one awesome canteen, both its environment and its wide variety of food. Sipping coffee in this relaxing old school canteen with gourmet burgers and paleo dishes to choose from, how you wish your childhood recesses were like this. :)

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Latitude: 3.106167 
Longitude: 101.624907

Wi-Fi: -

Payment: Visa & Mastercard, Cash

Smoking Area: Not available

Main Course: Available

Vegetarian: -

Awesome Canteen
19, Jalan 20/13,
Taman Paramount,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: +6 03-7865 8048
Facebook: @Awesome Canteen
Instagram: #awesome_canteen

Operating Hours:
Monday : Off day
Tuesday - Thursday : 11.00 am ~ 10.30 pm 
Friday - Saturday : 11.00 am ~ 11.00 pm
Sunday : 11.00 am ~ 10.30 pm

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