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Posted by : MeCoffeyJourney July 01, 2014

~ The best social lubricant and stimulant ~

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Throughout the ages of man, there is a substance known to mankind to be the best social lubricant and stimulant that prevails till this very day. What am I talking about? No nothing illegal, it is the cup of java, joe, mojo, brain juice, mud, tar, or whatever you want to call it, that we all (or at least most of us) love. And its key ingredient being the caffeine.
Indoor section of CAFFEine;.
Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid and a stimulant drug, found in varying quantities in the seeds, leaves, and fruit of some plants. CAFFEine; also happens to be the name of this pleasant cafe located on the first floor of Setia Walk, Puchong, above the blaring Muzeum Bar. 

Semicolon is added to form the complete explanation of the beverages served here, which implies caffeinated beverages and everything else (;) such as natural decaffeinated tea, smoothie and bottled beverage (kids, there are Hello Kitty ones too!). 
Sofas and beanbags make comfy sits.
CAFFEine; was once a fully open-aired cafe. It has since improves itself by renovating to create an air-conditioned indoor portion, with classy wooden and glass panels dividing it from the outdoor section.
Indoor section of CAFFEine;.
But if you are a cafe located in a commercial area with a stunning courtyard, sitting at the outdoor section isn't a drawback. Green foliage, water features, and Muzeum bar huts do make the scenery very invigorating from the first floor. :) Can you spot TiPsy Brew O'Coffee across the courtyard?

Food & Beverage:
All the usual espresso-based coffees are available here. But wait, there are more other than the usual ones! Breve, Vienna Coffee, Electro Choc, JRocks, Dirty Chai and Irish Cream: all are espresso-based too, but come with different preparations compared to the usual Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha and Long Black varieties.
Cappuccino (top) and Vienna Coffee (bottom).
Examples are Vienna Coffee - double shots of espressos topped with generous amount of whipped cream, and Dirty Chai - chai tea spices added with espresso.
Columbia Supremo Cold Drip (bottom left) and Ice Blended Dirty Chai (bottom right).
Single origins are available here too, with 4 different brewing methods: V60 Pour Over, French Press, Moka Pot, and Cold Drip. Cold Drips need to be pre-prepared thus availability will vary through times.
Whisky Salted Caramel (middle) and Choc Baileys Mousse with Caramelized Hazelnut (bottom).
CAFFEine; displays their cakes and pastries by the slices instead of the whole cake, thus leaving room for more varieties. Ones that piqued my curiosity to have a bite are the Whisky Salted Caramel, Choc Baileys Mousse, and Kahlua Tiramisu, all contain a hint of alcohol. They do go well with coffee. :)

CAFFEine; serves cooked food too, including cottage pies, sandwiches and spaghettis. 
Spicy Beef Cottage Pie (bottom).
CAFFEine; hosts frequent events here in the cafe, such as coffee workshop and MareCet (a NGO dedicated to the research and conservation of marine mammals and environments) lecture series. You could ask the friendly baristas for more information if you would like to participate in these events.

Oh, and fans of instant pictures, Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras and cartridges are for sale here. Extra side profit and a free promotion for CAFFEine; if patrons take pictures here in this cafe, is this entrepreneurial thinking or what? ;)

Good and interesting variety of coffee, a wide range of compelling cakes, and a good view of Setia Walk's courtyard from the first floor. No doubt this is why CAFFEine; is one of the longest surviving cafes up at Setia Walk's quieter first floor (compared to the vibrate ground floor units).

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Latitude: 3.031669 
Longitude: 101.616969

Wi-Fi: Available

Payment: -

Smoking Area: Available

Main Course: Available

Vegetarian: -

G-09-1, Level 1, Block G, SetiaWalk,
Persiaran Wawasan, 
Pusat Bandar Puchong, 
47160 Puchong, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: +6 03-58798862
Facebook: @CAFFEine;
Instagram: #caffeine_my
Twitter: @caffeine_my

Operating Hours:
Monday                   : 01.00 pm ~ 11.00 pm
Tuesday                   : Off day
Wednesday - Friday : 01.00 pm ~ 11.00 pm
Saturday - Sunday    : 12.00 pm ~ 11.00 pm

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  1. hey there, we would like to update our phone line: 03-58798862

    1. Thanks for the update! Changes have been made :)

      Congrats on the 2nd anniversary! We will be there then. C u there!

  2. This is really a unmatched coffee shop i have ever seen. Once i would go there twice in a week, cause my office was adjacent to the cafe. Here's a great resource for brewing system between Aeropress & Pourover: see more here


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