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Posted by : MeCoffeyJourney April 13, 2014

~ Banisher of morning blues ~

Are you ready to order your coffee like a pro caffei-niac?

Until few years back, Kota Kemuning is only known for big landed houses, roundabouts, and a beautiful lake garden. Not until when Brew & Bread started operating and placed Kota Kemuning on the map, that it even attracted caffei-niacs from places like Damansara to travel here to have a sip of brewing goodness!

One notable point about Brew & Bread I would like to give credit for is that this cafe opens as early as 8am every day (except Thursday). Kota Kemuning is a massive housing area and upcoming commercial location, thus opening at this early hours provides the working communities to have a satisfying breakfast before entering into office. This is where MCJ himself (MCJ = Malaysian Coffee "Indiana" Jones; ahem... that's what I like to call myself these days :P) usually have his daily dose of caffeine before starting the day.
Front section of the cafe.
Counter and coffee brewing area, where the magic happens.
Brew & Bread's new machinery, the coffee bean roaster Giesen W6 in the roasting room, welcoming patrons as they enter into the cafe.
Brew & Bread is started by the same family who owns Kheng's Kopitiam few doors away. Both outlets have also branched out: Kheng's Kopitiam has another branch in Banting, while Brew & Bread has a new branch in One City Shopping Mall, Subang Jaya.

They are doing a pretty successful job expanding, and they are now even roasting their own coffee beans with their newly acquired roaster, the Giesen W6
Back section of the cafe.
This chic cafe utilize natural elements in their interior, such as rock tiles and wooden panel with ropes hanging from the ceiling, giving out a rustic feeling. The wooden pastry station is also eye-catching with well-made carpentry, brighten by yellow light bulbs (shown below), putting more color and shine on the glazing pastries.

Both back and front entrances have been replaced with glass windows to allow ample sunlight into the cafe, well lit for you to read morning papers or magazines available at the book rack.
Stacks of magazines and newspapers.

Food & Beverage:
A wholesome meal and delightful coffee is the reason why this cafe is pack with patrons most of the time. Well-considered meal sets are available throughout the day:
1. breakfast set (8am - 12pm) which includes sandwishes or eggs dishes with coffee/tea;
2. lunch set (12pm - 2pm) which includes any pastas with coffee/tea; and
3. tea time set (2pm - 6pm) which includes selected pastries with coffee/tea.
Coffee included in the set is not applicable to caramel latte and mocha.
The pastry station - you will be greeted by the distinctive smell of pastry and coffee as you enter into the cafe (top), and Banana Puff and Firecracker Sausage (bottom).
Hot cappuccino. Angry bird ~
A reasonably priced breakfast set for just RM 11 with a cup of good coffee available in my neighborhood, that's a wonderful way to boost my mood and happiness each morning. :) There are even 4 different choice of sandwiches to choose from: Jamaican Chicken, Tuna Melt, Samurai Cut (egg and ham), and Truffle Mushroom (vegetarian).

The sandwich loaf is cleverly sliced in half in a way that: firstly it is sliced together with the wrappings to keep the fillings intact and for hygienic purposes, and secondly it is sliced in a 45° angle which makes it much easier to eat compared to if it is sliced 90°, or symmetrically. Well thought of!
Samurai cut - sliced ham, chopped eggs, custard mayo, veg, condiments on ciabatta.
Once, the sandwich loaf ran out of stock and Brew & Bread has to replaced it with buns instead. I actually prefer this temporary presentation, and double bun actually makes the portion looks bigger. :P
Sandwich bun replacement when the usual ones ran out of stock, lucky me! I personally prefer this type of bun. :)
Jamaican chicken - chicken, fresh fruit, cheese, lettuce, blended fresh tomato paste on ciabatta and hot cappuccino - angry bear this time. :)
This cafe uses a La Marzocco brewing machine, Starbuck's original coffee machine. If you are a brewing machine fanatic, it is also worth noting that their branch in One City Shopping Mall, Subang Jaya has a bad-ass Kees van der Westen - Spirit! :O
Hot mocha and piccolo latte.
Hot Caffe Latte (left) and Iced Hazelnut Latte (right).
Cold Drip / Cold Brew Coffee.
Besides sandwiches, other distinguished dishes from Brew & Bread are the Eggs Benedict, Chicken Roulade, and the very creamy mushroom soup!
Eggs Benedict - poached eggs, ham, hollandaise, fruits, roma tomatoes, ciabatta (top) and Eggs Waldorf - poached eggs, wild mushrooms, hollandaise, fruits, ciabatta, roma tomatoes (bottom).
Succulent chicken meat bathed in delicious sauce. It is as good as it looks, if not better! :D
Chicken roulade - chicken thigh rolled with stuffing, coated with black and white sesame, brown sauce, pumpkin mash , olive oil infused basil and parsley dip.
Short story, few months back I have 2 of my wisdom teeth removed and couldn't eat solid food for an entire 2 weeks. My top pick as my staple food then were this mushroom soup and yogurts from Grandeur Gallery Cafe. That's how good this soup is, a must-try if visiting this cafe! :)
Cream of mushroom - wild mushroom sauteed with caramelised onions, double boiled in fresh milk.
Prawn aglio olio - bell pepper, prawns, ham, extra virgin olive oil, wild mushrooms, dried chilli, chilli flakes (top) and Fettucine Pesto - basil and parsley blend, walnut, diced chicken, wild mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan (bottom).
The desserts and cakes here are pretty cool looking (one of them is shaped like an Egyptian pyramid - Pyramidien), similar to the ones available at their One City branch. Oh and also, Brew & Bread takes pride in their rejection of GST and service charge. :)
Pyramidien (top), Blueberry Cheese (middle), and Red Velvet (bottom).

Fairly priced meal set plus a cup of good coffee has made many Kota Kemuning's early riser smile each morning, myself included. And now with the capability to roast their own coffee bean, and not discounting the fact that this cafe is also a member of Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), caffei-niacs should not miss out what coffee magic this cafe could do ~

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Latitude: 3.003379 
Longitude: 101.539856

Wi-Fi: Available

Payment: Cash only

Smoking Area: Available

Main Course: Available

Vegetarian: Available

Brew & Bread
10, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M 31/M, 
Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: +6 03-5131 5201
Facebook : @Brew&Bread
Instagram : #brewnbread

Operating Hours:
Monday - Wednesday   : 8.00 am ~ 7.00 pm
Thursday                       : Off day
Friday - Sunday            : 8.00 am ~ 7.00 pm

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  1. Comfy environment. Good food. Good espressos. Better ice brew. Like it.


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