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Posted by : MeCoffeyJourney July 18, 2014

~ Easter without the eggs ~

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Hop, leap, bounce, spring, prance - one animal everyone love seeing doing. It's the bunny rabbits! Most of us love to have them as pet, but not everyone have the privilege to, probably because of living environments (apartments - no pets allowed), lifestyle (no time to care for pets), or for some kids, parents that dislike pets!
Simplistic design with a brick coffee bar.
Hop Hop Cafe helps to rectify this issue, by opening a cafe to allow patrons that are seeking for some bunny's love to hangout with these adorable creatures, while enjoying good coffee! Lucky Subang residents. :)

Thing are kept simple on the inside, with cement flooring and a brick coffee bar. The bunny living quarters is separated from the dining area by glass windows, fully carpeted with artificial grass.
Bunny petting area.
These bugs bunnies are much smaller compared to us humans, thus it is important to be gentle with them. Similar to the kitten cafe in SS15 - Coffee Cottage, do follow some of the logical house rules, such as sanitizing your hands before petting the bunnies (bunnies don't want to be petted with germ-y hands), don't carry the bunnies (you might injure the bunnies), and take pictures without the flash (don't traumatize bunnies with flashes of light).
Bunny rabbits!
Hop Hop Cafe is an animal friendly cafe, which means not only bunnies are welcomed here! Patrons are allowed to bring their pets here to hangout with other canine or feline friends in the animal visiting zone, located at the entrance of the cafe. 
Animal visiting zone - frequent visitors are the canine and feline species.
Remember, pets needs to socialize too! Since Samsung did not invent a phone for pets, an alternative thing to do is to bring them to Hop Hop Cafe to meet other four-legged pals. :)
How to take selfies with a bunny.
There are designated time for these bunnies to take some nap from the long hours of entertaining guests. Resting time for these bunnies are 12 - 1 pm, 3 - 4 pm, and 6 - 7 pm. Thus, let these adorables rest during these hours and take the time to munch on some Hop Hop Cafe's servings.

Food & Beverage:
Besides all the fun with the bunnies, Hop Hop Cafe serves interesting food and beverages too. All the usual espresso based coffees are available, with the addition of their specialty, Ice Kopi Kopi (flavored coffee) and Ice Milo Milo (mocha). 
Ice Kopi Kopi - Flavoured caffeinated drink (left), Ice Milo Milo - Mocha (middle), and Cappuccino (right).
Besides caffeinated beverages, there are tea and soda varieties too.
Thirst Quencher - Geisha Blossoms (right).
Cooked food such as pastas and munchies are served here. Unique ones that kids would love are the Dog Bowl and Kitty Bowl - baked fries and cheese served in animal feeding bowls! :O Good way for pet owners to be able to relate to their pets better. :)
The Kitty Bowl 2.0 - Thick cut fries topped with homemade mushroom gravy and cheese sauce, baked to perfection (top) and Macaroni and Cheese - Macaroni cooked with beef baon and cheese based sauce, gratined with a blend of Parmigiano Reggiano and Mozerella cheese (bottom).
Desserts here will make kids hopping from sugar rush. Famous ones are the Nutella added desserts, such as s'mores and lava cakes.
Nutella Smores - Marshmallows and Nutella chocolate, sandwiched and baked between two chocolate chip cookies (top right), Tiramisu Kahlua (bottom left), and Molten Nutella Lava Cake - Dark chocolate mud cake with Nutella filling, topped with caramel sauce and dark chocolate servings (bottom right).

An entertaining place for coney lovers to be flanked by bunnies, and an ideal spot for animal lovers to bring their pets for some animal social meetups. Interesting snacks and desserts add extra fun factors to this cafe as well!

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Latitude: 3.065202 
Longitude: 101.585777

Wi-Fi: -

Payment: -

Smoking Area: Available

Main Course: Available

Vegetarian: -

Hop Hop Cafe
7, Jalan SS18/6, 
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: +6 03-7731 1400
Email: smile@thegrumpycyclist.com
Facebook: @Hop Hop Cafe
Instagram: #hophopcafe

Operating Hours:
Monday - Thursday : 10.00 am ~ 10.00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 10.00 am ~ 11.00 pm
Sunday : 10.00 am ~ 10.00 pm

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