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Me Coffey Journey provides 3 different methods for you to find your way to these cafés, as shown below. Do remember to check the cafés opening hours too, to avoid any disappointment travelling to these cafés when it is closed :)

1. Refer to Embedded Maps (at the bottom of every cafés' page)

A small map is embedded at the bottom of every cafés' page. You will be able to get a rough location of the cafés by referring to these embedded maps.

2. Launch Google Map (by clicking on the QR Code)

a. A QR Code is available in every cafés' page (just below the Verdict section). Click on the QR Code and Google Map will be launched, at shown below.

b. To get the directions to the café, click on Directions and a text box will appear for you enter your starting point to be directed from.

c. Enter your starting point and click the Search button.

d. Google Map will show you the directions to the café from the starting point you have selected.

3. Scan QR Code to Launch Google Map (on mobile phone)

a. Use a QR Code scanner on your mobile phone to scan the QR Code in the café's page, as shown below.

b. Once QR Code has been scanned, you will be directed to Google Maps, showing the location of the café. Repeat steps in Method 2 to get directions to the café, this time on your mobile phone.

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